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( This video was made in May of 2016)


There are currently webpages with 'how to' videos for each of the following areas of construction and finishing:

Material Selection and Acquisition

Welcome 10:38
Material selection and acquisition 15:27

Cutting and Shaping materials

Cutting the Plywood 7:15
Cutting the Bones 10:09
Special Pieces 9:37

Special Notes and Parts

Configuring the Inside Space (coming soon )
Building Drawers 13:13
Building Extension Leaf and Piggy-back Shelves ( coming soon )


Assembling the Parts 19:22
Assembling the Parts to Units 17:42

Stain and Finishing

Staining 11:55
Finishing 8:13
Branding and Adding Personality 8:31


Laminating 22:43

final touches and other concerns

Final Touches 21:00
Extension Leaf Principle 5:54
Work-Top Height Modification 6:25
Work-Top Rope Handles 2:19
Toothbrush Holder and Self Support Options 11:18
Car Camp Box Prototype: Designer notes 7:37

Other chuck box and camp kitchen webpages will come on line as need be.

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'current customer' - refers to within the last six months. Access is limited to that in order to keep the bandwidth requirements down so the website/video response time is reasonable for those customers who are currently working through their camp kitchen challenges.